19th August (1918)

Large gangs of Hun prisoners have been working on the railway line – a mixed lot.  One chap of about 45 years took my fancy; he wore a child’s straw hat and a long walrus “mow” of similar material.  Some of them are certainly very young, but no younger than many of the “tommies” and they average a heavier build than the latter.  A soft-toned bell was calling the villages to an evening service, the long-robed priest standing in the doorway.  We looked in.  The interior was plain and neat.

One thought on “19th August (1918)”

  1. “… a mixed lot .. a child’s straw hat … a long walrus “mow” … a soft-toned bell … the long-robed priest … ”
    Economy of expression. But the picture is richly painted. He even tells us that “we looked in”.
    That’s Lincoln … forever “looking in”.
    So grateful he does.
    Fab, as usual.


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