Wednesday, 51st day – Sierra Leone (23 May 1917)

Here we are steaming in a long line into our second port.  Forest on the hills and smoke visible in several places.  Specks that may be houses beginning to show up.  Met with tiny fishing craft many miles out, but not near enough to see their occupants.  To the north of the hilly portion is a tract of low-lowing forest country following the coast line.  We are now passing a beautiful little peninsula on which is built a white light-house against a background of tropical trees.  Now at anchor opposite the port.  Steamers and ships are lying at anchor and rum-looking native boats with leg-of-mutton sails flit about the bay.  The natives are very black skinned and look finer than those at Cape Town.  A few blacks in rickety looking canoes came around with some frowsy fruit but were chivied off.  Many men have been fishing, but caught nothing, probably owing to sharks.  I saw a fairly large one this evening.

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