13th July (1917)

Went down canal again this evening and did another little sketch (makes me think of a popular song – “another little drink”).  Went out with the wagon teams today and galumped round a rough paddock and back over the cobble stones; – like a mild and continuous electric shock.  Men keep drifting in from the Hospitals, many being main-body men.

[Another sketch by Lincoln Lee, dated July 1917 and identified as being ‘Near Oldham’]LOW RES-1-3_Cropped

2 thoughts on “13th July (1917)”

  1. I’m very much enjoying seeing his paintings. How on earth was he able to store them safely and bring them back to NZ?


  2. I strongly suspect Lincoln added them to the letters he posted back to NZ. There were standard envelopes for overseas troops – as a family we have a collection of them, albeit empty. Hence too the reason for them being the size of a large post-card: they fitted in the envelopes provided.


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