4th August (1917)

3rd Anniversary of outbreak of war and no sign of it ending.  The 25th are back from leave.  Many have been to Scotland and speak of it in glowing terms, the people there seem to be most patriotic and have given them a good time.

R. spent the last night of his leave in a poor man’s cottage in Kilmarnock. He couldn’t find any accommodation, and this working man invited him to spend the night. His account of it: a supper of tinned salmon – Dad – Mother and the soldier at the table, the children on the floor, feeding out of father’s hand.  Their home, one room.  There were two beds, Dad, soldier and little girl of about 10 in one; mother and the rest of the family in the other.  They wouldn’t hear of him paying anything.  The scotch of the mother was so broad, that he couldn’t understand it at all.  No conveniences.  Water from tap in yard 3 stories down.

Returned after a ramble of about 8 hours with R.  I did two sketches whilst he talked and slept.  A queer-looking golden haired and golden toothed girl came along and talked to us.  After awhile her (golden) aunt turned up and a chap who appeared to be running the farm.  They were by no means typical farmers, and we couldn’t place them.  They said something about having been professionals before the war, apparently Music-hall artists.  At about 7 we arrived at Tandle Hill Tavern – with the fat landlady, who produced pints of beer, meat-pies, bread and jam and black currant tarts.  A very old building near the camp bears date 1668 – and the name – Chadderton Fold.

[Sketch by Lincoln Lee titled ‘Home of Golden Girl, Naylor Cottage, Thornham’.]

LOW RES-19-1_Cropped


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