Saturday 18th (August 1917)

Walked to Crondall where we went round the village and saw a lovely Elizabethan-looking inn, the top storey projecting over the street and all the walls interlaced with great brown-black oak beams.  Church plain and solid with small narrow and deeply recessed windows, coloured in soft tones; others more modern in design and colouring.  The centre supported by two rows of great round stone pillars, the walls immensely thick – ancient inscriptions on the walls, massive oak pulpit and big plain stone-hewn font.  The tower is of brick and must have a cubic content almost equal to the church proper and be of much more modern date.  Around one side of the church and leading to the main gate is an avenue of immense, symmetrical and lofty lime trees.  We went back to the Elizabethan inn and had some cider (ngum! ngum!) then to a rum little cottage kept by a one-legged man and his missus, who provided tea, fried eggs, bread and jam, and apples, of which we had a good guzzle and behold! – a plate branded “Northern Steamship Coy. Auckland” – where had she got it from?  A china shop nearby.  It’s a fairly small world.

[Lincoln Lee, sketch of Crondall Church, 1917]

Lincoln Lee - Crondall Church - August 1917

[Image of The Feathers Inn, Crondall, 1906, sourced from here.  Possibly the ‘Elizabethan-looking inn” referred to by Lincoln]


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  1. Ah! Here’s the painting of Crondall church. I had thought I could access it by clicking on the little squares with and ‘x’ in them.


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