Monday night (8 October 1917)

We move off tonight. A totally hideous and disgusting day!  We spent all morning doing gas-drill.  After lunch we went off in rain about 3 miles to gas school, wet as shags, and hot as hell, went through lacrhymatory (much blubber) and chlorine (ugly guggly) gas, to ruination of brass buttons; had a whole lot of senseless orders yelled at us, shoggled off back to camp in harder rain, got there about 5.20pm to be told to parade “fully equipped” at 5.45.  Rebellion – parade a wash-out.  Parade to get issue of rations, clothes, etc. wet queue about ½ mile long – floor of hut strewn with indescribable litter.  Hurrah!  A cruel war!  So long!  Good luck!  Auf —  No, that’s German.

Midnight on train for port – a very hurried departure from Ewshot and a perspiring and rafferty march down to Aldershot about 5 miles where after endless sitting about in gutters and other places we were finally entrained.  In opposite corner sits old Warwick, half asleep.

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