11th October (1917)

Folkstone.  (Item: the chap who threw his watch overboard from the Corinthic is here and has since purchased and lost 2 watches in England).

We get up any time and do as we please in this camp – the “woodbines” in charge of it are scared of us and never interfere – we heard one of them say he wouldn’t be on picquet with those wild bastards in camp for any money.  Looked down on to a skating rink where men from almost every corner of the world were whirling round with the Folkstone maidens in the maze of whatever in skating terms corresponds to the waltz – I would suggest a “Scaltz”.  It’s laughable to think that the old forts on the cliffs were designed with a view to repelling French invasion.  Once more I say Au Revoir, both to English soil and to you folk at home.  Keep smiling!

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