9th January (1918)

A batch of us were sent off for foot-bath and to my delight the N.C.O. in charge of us lost his way, so that we got a good warming march, through the establishment was in fact, quite close.  En route we tried skating in jackboots on a pond and in spite of the retarding carpet of snow on the ice I came quite a nice cropper on a safe portion of my anatomy.  The foot-bath is a fine thing – wash ‘em in hot water with soft-soap, dry, sprinkle feet and socks with camphor powder and the operation is over.

6.30. p.m.  A good old snow-storm this afternoon.  However, we got a brazier of coal going in the harness shed, the fumes of which kept us in a state of coma until ‘twas time to water and feed the snow-crusted mokes.  They were a sight!  Some of them had tall white horns between their ears, making them look like degenerate unicorns.

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