17th (January, 1918)

Helping to build a Nissen hut all day.  The mud steadily increases.  Freeze, freeze thou bitter sky!  This afternoon some of our returning airmen, in small, fast graceful machines with cocked up tails, swooped down within a couple of hundred feet of us, one after another, each waving his hand as he passed.  The engines in that proximity made a tremendous din, like a bevy of machine guns, and the whole of the little incident was pleasant and thrilling.

Heavens!  There’s a man in this tent reading “The Waipukurau Press”; wonder if its leader is entitled “Our Warning to the Kaiser.”  (It won fame in distant times with a heading “Our warning to the Tzar”)

IWM Q 10627 Mule team crossing muddy field (19 Feb 1918)

[Image: Photograph taken on 19 January 1918, of mule teams crossing a muddy field near Arras. Imperial War Museums, Q10627.  A Nissen hut can be seen in the background.]

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