Tuesday (22 January 1918)

Almost uncomfortably warm – so N.Z. is not the only place where the climate plays tricks.  During the forenoon Jerry sent a few H.E. so close that the C.O. thought it advisable to evacuate the stables.  We therefore had a quite enjoyable prance around the fields and I again was pleasantly surprised to find what good jumpers my two mules are, an unusual quality in this beast.  I haven’t had a chance of trying them at a hurdle, but by the way they go neck and neck over streams and ditches I think they would make a good job of it.

Amusing incidents often occur at mess; some men insist on using shallow plates for things like stew, soup etc., then slither off through mire and slush, try to pass one another on narrow duck-walks and slop their mess in all directions.

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