26th January (1918)

Sleep has been a rare commodity recently.  Routed out at 4.30. this morning as lead driver in a waggon going up to the guns.  A heavy, cold and damp fog prevailed until after noon.  Clattered over the cobble through the wrecked city, getting a new fog-impression of it all, and so on up to the Abomination of Desolation.  There we made several trips up and down a switchback and much broken plank road, liberally bestrewn on either hand with smashed guns, waggons and dead horses in various stages of unburial and decomposition.  Got through without any shelling and likewise with any tucker and so back in a gigantic zigzag, owing to twice taking the wrong road.

IWM Q 8424 Muddy track near Passchendaele

[Image, A muddy track through the former battlefield, between Broodseinde and Passchendaele, 11 January 1918, Imperial War Museums, Q 8424]

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