Sunday, 3rd February (1918)

Yesterday rabbit appeared in the table d’hote, and today we had a dry hash for dinner and roley-poley pudding and sauce for tea.  We have recently been given the standard war-bread and old hands say it is the first time, white bread having always been given to our troops in France.

Our animals had been re-arranged and one of mine was the last in a section of the stables, roped off with a wire rope.  Putting on his cover and tying up its two straps round the body, I was making off serenely, till recalled by derisive shouts, when I found I had thrown both straps over the wire rope and strapped him to it securely so that he would have passed the night without being able to lie down, move about, or get at the hay nets.  One of W’s. is fond of sweets and tries to get its nose into his pockets – the other day it bit and broke the iodine bottle in his field dressing.

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