14th May (1918)

Great fun this afternoon watering.  On reaching our troughs found them out of order and had to go a mile and a half away.  The sergeant in charge of us was a sport and in defiance of all rules and regulations took us across country at a hand-gallop.  About 15 colonels set up a hue and cry and took the names of battery etc – (Bai jove!).  The sergeant is a fine chap – absolutely fearless – holds Military Cross, Serbian Medal and what not.  When he gets them he shoves them in his pocket and says “Oh well, I suppose my mother will be pleased”.  I have been re-reading Shelley to be awakened out of the wonder-world of his creation into the vile world of hate and murder which has evolved from those types which he detested.  Been growing strong carting ammunition.  A battery of 6 inches let fly right across the road, scaring us and our donks into the middle of next week.

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