Sunday, 2nd June (1918)

We won the contest and the teams go to the ‘show-grounds’ tomorrow, but I’m not going with them, being a bit off colour.  My indisposition is of a kind that makes it awkward to be on parade.

nlnzimage 1-2 013242-G Army entertainment troupe playing to NZers, Louvencourt, 3 June 1918

[What Lincoln might have missed out the next day, had he visited the ‘show-grounds’, rather than been indisposed by dysentery.  Image: A general view looking over the audience towards the army entertainment troupe the Kiwis and their accompanying orchestra who are playing for New Zealand troops in an evening performance. Photograph taken Louvencourt 3 June 1918 by Henry Armytage Sanders. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington, Ref: 1/2-013242-G]

One thought on “Sunday, 2nd June (1918)”

  1. Dear John

    I explored your first Landfall address with pleasure, but the second one . . .

    was declared absent!

    I was hoping to read some of Lincoln’s poems. Have I copied the address incorrectly?

    Warm regards



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