18th June (1918)

A Hun plane brought down one of our planes; pounced on him from above with a spit of flame and a puff of smoke and “finished”.

As an example of Army forms, take the document I received on leaving the rest camp (I had asked to be issued with a jack-knife, but they had none).  “To the O.C. 15 Bty. N.Z.F.A. This is to certify that (my name, rank, etc. in extensor) has this day been discharged etc.  On examination of his kit he was found to be deficient in one clasp knife (mounted) and has in accordance with army order No. … been issued with … Nil.”

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  1. 18th June 1918
    Concise, incisive, chilling. He deals with such a tragic and dramatic event in 26 words then shifts to safer ground with a downright verbose 80 word account of military reglomania. It was all about mental survival I guess.


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