Monday, 1st July (1918)

A thunderous night, with multitudinous bombs in unpleasant proximity and guns banging off in all directions.  Some Tommies were killed in billets in the village.  Tomorrow we are to be inspected by Bill Massey and Joe Ward.

En route for baths, met a French woman in great distress over her cow which had become “blown” through eating too much clover.  The vets from another battery were helping her, poking a knife into its ribs and their arms down its throat, whilst she by aid of lively gesticulations and the use of the word “ballon” gave a vivid account of its earlier symptoms.  Joan, by the way, went up the road today in a killing get-up including rough bluey stockings and a huge pair of men’s army boots.  Her troubles!

nlnzimage 1-2 013298-G Massey & Ward reading message at exercise, 1 Jul 1918

[Image: Prime Minister William Massey and Sir Joseph Ward reading a message dropped by an aeroplane during tactical exercises of the New Zealand Rifle Brigade at Bois-de-Warnimont during World War I. Photograph taken 1 July 1918 by Henry Armytage Sanders. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington.  Ref. 1/2-013298-G]

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