6th August (1918)

Am sitting in a Red Cross Motor bound for I don’t know where.  The same innards again.  I consider myself hard done by, as last night’s dinner was the best I’ve ever seen in the army – ham, potatoes and cauliflower galore.  Couldn’t look at it.  To my astonishment this morning when I went for medicine, the Dr. coolly kicked me out on half an hour’s notice.

5.p.m.  (Division Rest Station)  At a village a couple of miles further on.  We seem to be occupying a set of farm buildings.  This is a N.Z. “joint”.  So far I have been in a dazed state, listening to the unremitting din of a large gramophone churning out music-hall stuff.  My diet is soup and dry toast.  There are a number of ‘Dinks’* here. They seem to have been having a pretty rough time in the trenches – wet through for days on end.

* ‘The Dinks’ was a nickname for the New Zealand Rifle Brigade (Earl of Liverpool’s Own), short for “the Fair Dinkums”.

3 thoughts on “6th August (1918)”

  1. Lincoln just keeps contributing.
    Googled “Dinks”:
    The New Zealand Rifle Brigade – nicknamed “the Dinks”, short for “the Fair Dinkums” .
    Always thought that was an Aus expression. Obviously thieved by the Kiwis!


  2. Thanks Denis. I’ve updated the post with that information. I couldn’t possibly say who were the better thieves in WW1, Australian or Kiwi soldiers!


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