14th August (1918)

The orderly this morning dazzled the doctor with science.  He apparently gave us all good high temperatures, with the result that we were told to carry on as at present.  Mine attained the fictitious altitude of 99.6˚.  Tea over, four of us strolled to the town, Auxi-le-chateau, by way of the river-side bank giving us shelter from the afternoon sun and the fields of rich gold, green and yellow, spreading out on either hand.  As we neared the town we gained picturesque views of it.  It possessed a handsome church or cathedral built high on a hillock, its foundations being thus about level with the roofs, red and grey, of the town buildings, over which it seems to keep watch and ward.  The town itself is a charming, neat, clean-swept little place of, I should say, a peacetime population of two or three thousands.  We visited many shops and bought a few articles.  Most of the shops were in charge of women, polite, dainty and wonderfully neatly dressed.

We wandered slowly back in the sunset, everything looking like fairyland, but we felt like old, old men who had spent their last energies in a hundred mile march, and just had enough strength to get back to hospital.

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