Sunday, 22nd September (1918)

Am reading Isaiah.  His non-compromising forcefulness reminds me of Carlyle.  Some of his prophesyings seem particularly applicable to the present day and the scourge of war which is upon us.

“The Doctor,” that wild little “Crown & Anchor King” I have previously mentioned, is posted “missing”.  His disappearance is a complete mystery.

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  1. A bit creepy! For reasons completely unknown, yesterday (22nd Sept our time) I scrolled back a couple of months and landed on 20th July 1918 to find myself chuckling at the description of that little rascal who runs the “Crown and Anchor” board. Almost “quaking with laughter” myself and enjoying greatly the merriment and relaxed mood of Lincoln’s story telling.
    I am now hoping madly that tomorrow’s installment will carry the same outcome as the rascal’s missing parent.
    “Missing”, that dreaded word presented to so many at home amidst sinking heart and trembling hands, fidgeting with that unopened envelope.
    Am wondering if Lincoln’s unusual brevity today may be reflecting his trepidation.


  2. Thanks Denis. It’s hard to know. Today’s entry was a day late, because the last word “mystery” didn’t appear on the typescript clearly, and I needed to check with the original, which I keep elsewhere (rather than the photocopy I work from). Lincoln’s next entry is on 25 September. He doesn’t mention “The Doctor” in that or the few entries after, and I can’t recall him coming up later on. And I’m not likely to tell you at this stage, because I’m not keen to do another forward read (this is mainly because I deal with the diary on an almost daily basis, and am enjoying the delayed experience).

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    1. Don’t be concerned John. My questions are mostly rhetorical. Just me thinking out loud, and I don’t really expect an answer to most of them. In some instances, the narrative itself may well deliver the info, in the fullness of time. Knowing what we do know, I did find this a particularly poignant piece of writing … and also a bit eerie with my random back-tracking. (But I am by no means superstitious and realise that was just a coincidence.) Thanks for your ongoing great work.


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