Friday, Sat, Sun, 4th, 5th, 6th, October (1918)

Our wagon lines are here on a level with and even ahead of some of the other batteries’ guns.  We consequently see more of the passing to and fro of the infantry, air fighting and so on.

Had the satisfaction of seeing a Hun “whizzbang” used against its owners.  The “whizzbang” is his ordinary field gun, slightly smaller in calibre than our eighteen pounder but, as the name implies, of higher velocity and greater range.

Rumours of all sorts of good war news, counterbalanced by the fact that the Hun remains at bay right here and is at the moment shelling pretty freely.

One thought on “Friday, Sat, Sun, 4th, 5th, 6th, October (1918)”

  1. He’s not wanting to get too excited … but as we now know, “the end is nigh”. Further south, most of the Australians, especially the Infantry, were pulled out for a well earned rest about 4 Oct, never to return (as subsequent events would have it). Many had been on the go without a break from that famous date of 8 August – ” the Black Day”. Judging by the brevity of his entry for these three days, the NZ’ers are obviously busy … very busy. It’s all happening.


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