18th (Grantham.) (October 1918)

Got the Flying Scotsman last night intending to go through to Edinburgh.  Car packed with sailors and soldiers; began to yearn for a good bed, hopped off at Grantham.  Wandered round for an hour banging up publicans, only to find every place crowded with military:  1.30 am. and in desperation.  Bribed a constable to lead me to my Uncle’s house: kicked up a devil of a row; down comes Uncle* in his dressing gown – greetings and explanations – a snack and into a feather bed.  Got up this morning to find myself just in time for lunch.

[*Lincoln’s uncle was Rothwell Lee.  Rothwell was the younger brother of Robert Lee, Lincoln’s father, who had emigrated to New Zealand in 1864]

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