Monday, 11th November, 1918

At 11am. on this 11th day of the 11th month of 1918 (if we can believe official despatches) hostilities ceased in the greatest of wars ever waged upon this earth.  Most of us are still inclined to be sceptical.  We received this news whilst on trek.  We are already picturing ourselves back in N.Z. and preparing to live “happy ever afterwards”.

Though we were pulled out at 5am. and started about 8.30am., we have not  covered a great distance, owing to the congestion of the roads.  Amongst ourselves and those we have met, there has been little enthusiasm and no hilarity, only a slight access of cheerfulness – the thing takes time to soak in, just as it was difficult to realize the fact of the war when it commenced.

The day was gray and cold.  Have been in the saddle most of the day and did not get corralled into our usual barn till well after dark.  The first rum issue for many a day.  Our feet wet, our blankets damp, our bodies dirty, but our hopes are raised.

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