3rd December (1918)

As was predicted; with the obliging addition of a shower of rain.  As I slept under the only considerable hole in the roof, I was rudely awakened by a streamlet pattering on the blankets.  We have had a cold, moist drive through villages, small towns (one, Longueville, a very pretty one) and large town, Haut-Mont.  Now quartered in an ugly village; some, like myself, in barns.  The rain drifts miserably on our shivering steeds and fast rusts our harnesses.  J’ai froid; vive les grenouilles!

In the towns passed today the civil population seems to be rapidly re-establishing itself: ex-manufacturing places; the population must be dense in normal times.  Little damage from shell-fire, though all the main railway and river bridges have been blown up and replaced temporarily.

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