Sunday (29th December 1918)

Church parade in Protestant Church.  On the way there we passed an immaculately dressed German lying stone dead on the footpath.  The terrible plight of the German civilians is brought home in many ways.  Our men on arrival were sometimes met with invitations, by small children, to “Schlape mit Muder” – starving!  Our grubby cook has relieved himself of many chores by employing desperate looking workers at the price of a meal: their appetisers being hastily snatched crusts and crumbs as they clear our tables.

To Opernhaus, to find there a notice saying that all seats sold out, and no standing room.  Caput Tanhausser!  (“Caput” seems to be German slang for “Napoo” “finished”).  Took stroll and saw (inter alia) one of the nail-studded wooden war-statutes.  The effect of the nails is very like copper after corrosion has set in.  This was a large martial figure holding a great sword, and the pedestal was encrusted with iron laurel leaves of the Victory that was not.

Went into the Cathedral and sat right thro’ an evening service.  The sermon was delivered with much force and eloquence in a high, fluent and penetrating voice that rang and rang again throughout the mighty interior, and was worth listening to from a phonetic point of view alone.

The 1914 men are leaving tomorrow (a mere hand-full) and the 1915 a few days after.

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