Frietag (3rd January 1919)

My horses were both crocked by the trek.  I have not one in “Debility” stable, Chum, and poor old Dick in the Sick Lines, a lame bag of bones standing stiffly with his foot in a sand bag.  War they could put up with; peace proved too strenuous.

The Cathedral, the bridge and the encircling river are all in a tone of misty blue – the twin beauteous towers of the great building search up into a grey motionless sky.

Tonight’s performance of the Taming of the Shrew was far from disappointing.  Again the staging was sumptuous.  Katherine and Petruccio both possessed splendid voices, the former a fierce soprano, and the latter tenor robusto, and their acting was good.  It was a joy to know the plot and entendre of the thing.  The final duet at the reconciliation was only one of several very beautiful passages, and there were scores of supernumeries for the choruses.  Unfortunately I had a seat next to some Australians, who knew no better than to talk and guffaw most of the time.  The Southern Hemisphere begets some queer things in her attempt at man-moulding.  The Germans detest any interruption in their entertainments, and there I am one with them.

nlnzimage 1-1 002099-G NZ troops on leave in Cologne, by Rhine, Jan 1919

[Image: Two New Zealand soldiers on leave in Cologne, Germany, after World War I. Shows uniformed men by the Rhine with the city in the background. Prominent are Cologne Cathedral and the Hohenzollern Bridge. Ice is floating on the river. Photograph taken January 1919 by Henry Armytage Sanders. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington. Ref: 1/1-002099-G]

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