Suntag (5th January 1919)

Passes are now issued for Cologne.  Forgetting to obtain one from the orderly toom, I manufactured quite a fine one myself.  After J. picked me up, and we made off in the hopes of obtaining tickets.  Old woman had sold out.  Eventually got J. in by succession of brazen rushes.  There were two dragons to quell, one at the grand entrance, and another at the tip-top, “the Gods”.  I dragged my scandalised comrade helter skelter into the melee.  We obtained (no more than our deserts) the worst seats in the house, about 100 yards from the stage, yet the music was quite audible.  As amiable Fraulein insisted upon our almost monopolising her opera glasses.  Rigoletto is easy tuneful music after Wagner.  The opera, as you will see from the programme which I enclose, was followed by half a dozen beautiful ballets to the music of Chopin, Schubert etc., played on the piano.  Each was done to separate scenic effect, the draperies of the dancers being decidedly diaphanous.

2 thoughts on “Suntag (5th January 1919)”

  1. It’s very unexpected to find that recently-defeated Germany was putting on a full programme of opera. (PS – small point – we seem to have gone back to 1918.)


  2. Thanks. We’ve returned to 1919, with some edits of the blog! There was a problem between the chair and the keyboard as I was typing late at night, in a holiday park in New Plymouth!


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