10th January (1919)

Morning taken up with the General’s inspection to accompaniment of an infernal band playing some hurdy-gurdy tunes ad nauseam.

Bedtime: I found the wily old man who had sold me my ticket, waiting to escort me to the seat next his own.  He was rather a nuisance during the performance, nudging me at the entry of the characters, and insisting on lending me his useless opera glasses.  Cavalieria Rusticana was very well staged.  It was followed by Leoncavallo’s Bajazzo, another two-act piece.  Thought I had heard neither in its entirety before, I cannot say these Italian Operas appeal to me so much as the German.

nlnzimage 1-1 002108-g nz horse transport, hq building leverkusen, jan 1919

[Image: The horse transport of the New Zealand Division lined up outside the headquarters building in Leverkusen during the occupation of Germany after World War I. Photograph taken January 1919 by Henry Armytage Sanders. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington.  Ref: 1/1-002108-G]

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