Sabbath, 19th January (1919)

Sermon on the Bible – really must read it!  Good menu – rissoles for breakfast, duff and rum sauce for lunch, ham and spuds for tea – to say nothing of the half-rissole and crust I have just toasted for supper.

Humperdink’s “Konigskinder”, a delightful performance – Missed overture (if any), and the commencement of Act 1, but got hold of English copy (now being provided) and enlightened myself on the nature of the plot.  It is a legend, or fairy tale, in music, children figuring largely in the caste.  Bright and quaint music.  Amazing artificial gees and other birds waddled about on the stage, and ate crumbs etc.  First scene a lovely woodscape in summer, repeated in the last scene in winter, and very effective, the piece ending sadly by the death of the King’s children, a la Babes in the Wood, of cold and witchcraft, snow flakes covering their bodies.  How did I get in?  Bribed the attendant, and the rascal actually gave me a ticket which he had ready in his hand.

Great excitement in the city – election night – encountered hordes of huns and hunesses, many being inebriated in all stages and both sexes.  (That’s a queer sentence).

J. and I spotted a poster advertising a “Konzert” of three symphonies by Mozart, Beethoven, and Brahms for Tuesday.

This is all very fine and large, but, could I only get my ticket to N.Z., I’d put my fingers to my nose to all Germany and its combined attractions.

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