Wednesday (22 January 1919)

Sitting in the Opera House waiting for Tiefland to commence, and have obtained a booklet of the plot, written in English, with curious misspellings.

9.30 p.m.  Having eaten (cold) “the unconsumed portion of the day’s rations” and washed one pair of socks and two handkerchiefs, I beg leave to continue my narrative.  Tiefland heard a second time, with the benefit of my little book, and advantage of some acquaintance with the music, proved to be a treat.  I forget the guesswork I made of the plot at the first hearing.  The scene is laid in Spain in the Pyrenees – the hero a rough mountaineer, quite a boor, but boylike and charming.  The heroine had a touch of Calve about her, and well suited the part.

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