Monday (27th January 1919)

Snow covered the ground, a couple of inches deep.  Snowballing has revived, not even officers being exempt.  Among others I attended my first lecture on “Civics” today.  Nostalgia gnaws ceaselessly at my vitals!  Oh, this senseless jingling of bits and stirrup irons.

nlnzimage 1-1 002124-g nz soldiers receiving instruction, germany, march 1919

[Image: Shows unidentified New Zealand soldiers seated at desks. They are looking at a financial balance written on a blackboard that an instructor is highlighting with a wooden pointer. To the side, another blackboard has the headings Purchase Sales Day Book and Credit Sales Day Book with entries under each. Photograph taken at Mulheim March 1919 by Henry Armytage Sanders.  Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington. Ref. 1/1-002124-G]

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