Saturday, Dom Station: Coln (22 February 1919)

Been on the go since 8.30 a.m., and have at last (4 p.m.) returned to starting point.  The army is still working like machinery.  Eventually we marched forth under our packs, each grasping a loaf of bread, and a packet of biscuits dealt out by those tireless Trojans, the Y.M.C.A.  Good-bye Cologne!

Before morning we should be out of methodical and orderly Germany.  She will, I am afraid, recover more quickly than any other country seriously involved, because her people will work.

nlnzimage 1-2 013772-G NZ soldiers outside YMCA, Dec 1918

[Image: A large group of New Zealand soldiers shown mingling on the cobblestones outside the NZ YMCA in Ehrenfeld, a suburb of Cologne in Germany. YMCA notices appear on the window of a building with the German words ‘Restauration u. Schenkwirtschaft’ on it. ‘NZ YMCA’ is also written on the wall. Photograph taken after the end of World War I, probably December 1918 by Henry Armytage Sanders.

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