Thursday night (27th February 1919)

Motored to Newton Abbott where we caught train to Moreton Hamstead, from which we tramped six miles to my sister Myrtle’s haunt, meeting her halfway.  I go to a farm house at Postbridge, about a mile way, to sleep.

One thought on “Thursday night (27th February 1919)”

  1. Dear John

    Lincoln’s entries are now very short. I think he is totally exhausted and only able to make himself make a note each day, as he catches up on sleep and bodily tiredness. What a time he has endured.

    Your entries probably due to finish soon. They have made a marvellous contribution to many people’s understanding of WWI. I’m very grateful.

    I’m inundated with papers on my desk: my brother, Ian’s, war time Fleet Air Arm letters mostly, as I out together a possible book on his experiences, but also correspondence from other areas. Life is most decidedly not dull in old age!

    I’ll make a date to have you and your parents, and your wife and son, if that fits in, here for a visit later in March. I’m still struggling for fitness after my introduction to pneumonia!

    Nga mihi nui



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