Tuesday (11th March, 1919)

M. has in her charge a number of electrifying flower paintings by a local man named Mercer.  He handles flowers in a manner altogether original and daring.  M. thinks he will one day be hailed as a master; probably when he is dead.  He destroys the majority of his paintings as not good enough.  All watercolours.

Lincoln Lee, Torquay, cMarch 1919

[Image: ‘Torquay’, by Lincoln Lee, c. March 1919.  Painting potentially done from Victoria Parade, with its distinctive view up towards the St John the Apostle church, which seems accurately portrayed with its prominent square steeple, and also the boat-ramp into the harbour.  Note also the pen sketch posted on 6 March by Lincoln’s sister, Myrtle Lee, ‘Interior of the Blue Bird’.  This shows an interior view of the shop with an external view to what appears to be a crane and harbour area, with ascending hills in the background – Lincoln could have sketched his own from outside or near her shop.  Research done through Google Earth!].

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