15th March: Russell Square (1919)

After endless vacillations J. and I made a decision to come down to London, so as to have two whole days here before our leave expires.  Set out sight-seeing, visiting first the British Museum, to look at the Elgin Marbles.  Thence to the Tate Gallery to find after a long meander that it is still closed.  Tried the Royal Academy – doesn’t open till the end of the week.  Found an exhibition of watercolours, but doesn’t open until Monday.  So we had many rebuffs.

On Sunday morning we paid a visit to Petticoat Lane, where the Jew cheap-jacks hold their Sunday babel.  The noise, the press, and the language were astonishing.  We partook of a ‘tout suite’ meal – cook and waiter in one – skewers your sausage and dabs your vegetables, slabs a hunk of meat on the top, and there you are.

After a look round the embankment, we went off to a concert at the Queen’s Hall, which was splendid.  Reached Stretton, where J’s cousins live, and passed a very pleasant evening: regaled with a variety of good things, and the true hospitality of English ladies, of whom his three maiden aunts are charming examples.

On Monday we again sought out the watercolour exhibition – “soldiers admission free”.  Spent over two hours there – the pictures representing all the best known watercolour artists of the day.

Last night, being given a buckshee ticket, I went to a play at the New Theatre, called “The Chinese Puzzle”, which I liked very well.  The plot was clever, and the acting very good.

Lincoln Lee - nd. location unknown

[Image: Photograph of Lincoln Lee, no date and location unknown – appears to be outside a bookshop]

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