Tuesday (25th March, 1919)

The Female Hun was a wild and melodramatic affair.

In afternoon went for a good tramp with a hut-fellow, visiting the picturesque village of Figeldean, where the “Village Smithy” stands under its spreading chestnut tree, and across the road the little stone church, where the brawny smith heard his daughter’s voice.  I sharpened my jack-knife on the smith’s grindstone.  The smithy door is covered with the names of visitors.  The tree in its winter nudity looks very old.

Under the spreading Chestnut Tree

[Image: Postcard of Smithy at Figheldean, Salisbury Plain.  Sourced from ‘Living Histories’, University of New Castle, Australia.]

3 thoughts on “Tuesday (25th March, 1919)”

  1. I have been following the Walk March blog daily. I just love it. My father must have served alongside Lincoln Lee. He served as a signaller with the NZ Division from Oct 1917 . He was part of the Last Hundred Days and also marched into Cologne, and was discharged in England August 1919. Do you have plans to publish the whole collection as a book?

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    1. Thank you Helen, I’m glad you are enjoying it. The short answer is, “yes”, I hope to publish the collection as a book. Exactly what form (whether illustrated), what kind of publisher, and when, are yet to be determined. First on my to-do list is writing an essay about Lincoln and the manuscript which could form the introduction of a book. I don’t want to go looking for publishers until I’ve got that under my belt. Balancing a busy job and young one means that nothing happens quickly right now.


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