27th (March, 1919)

To Salisbury by motor bus.  Outstanding attraction the Cathedral, which is beautifully situated on a wide green enclosure, grit with trees and half-encircled by the curve of a river.  It has a tall graceful spire.  The interior is very spacious, and built with a handsome blending of white and dark columns of granite, of immense height.  Tombs, effigies, and entablatures of ancient date.  The exterior very handsome and imposing, rich in sculptured figures recessed into the stone walls, all tinted by the inimitable hand of time.  Quaint old gateways lead from different quarters of the city into the Cathedral Close.

My vis-a-vis on the bus was the “Female Hun”, in company with most of her dupes, and amusing it was to recognise the troupe, without their warpaint, off for an outing.

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