22nd April (1919)

Passed several vessels today: a three-masted schooner scudding before the wind, an old tramp, and a large U.S. Battleship.

The educational classes have started again, but seem to be half-hearted.  Many of the men have taken the basket-making class, and you come across groups of them weaving baskets all over the ship.  Good in theory, the education scheme is a howling failure, and the £50,000 provided by the N.Z. public as good as thrown into the Atlantic.

Reading a historical novel by A. Balfour who, if I remember aright, wrote a rattling good novel called “By Stroke of Sword”.

One thought on “22nd April (1919)”

  1. Sir Andrew Balfour, KCMG, CB, LL.D; 1873-1931.
    Scottish Medical Officer who specialised in tropical medicine, writing a number of medical works and reports based on his work in Mauritius.
    -Medicine, Public Health and Preventive Medicine (with C. J. Lewis, 1902)
    -Memoranda on Medical Diseases in Tropical and Sub-Tropical Areas (1916)
    -War Against Tropical Disease (1920)
    -Report on communicable diseases in Port Louis (1921)
    -Report on sanitary matters in Black River district and the extra urban area of Plaines Wilhems (1921)
    -Report on sanitary matters in the districts of Grand Port and Savanne (1921)
    -Report on sanitary matters in the districts of Moka and Pamplemousses (1921)
    -Report on sanitary matters in the districts of Riviere du Rempart and Flacq (1921)
    -Report on the sanitation of Beau Bassin, Rose Hill, Quatre Bornes, Phoenix, Vacoas and Curepipe (1921)
    -Report on medical matters in Mauritius (1922)
    -Reports to the Health Committee of the League of Nations on Tuberculosis and Sleeping Sickness in Equatorial Africa (1923)
    -Health Problems of the Empire (with H. H. Scott, 1924)

    but he also wrote half a dozen novels including
    -By Stroke of Sword (1897)
    -To Arms! (1898)
    -Vengeance is Mine (1899)
    -Cashiered and Other War Stories (1902)
    -The Golden Kingdom (1903)


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