23rd May (1919)

Tuesday and Wednesday were wet and rough – spent most of the time playing euchre and sevens (or Rickety Ann, as we used to call it).  After Serbia, read a book by Col. Younghusband called “The Story of the Guides”.  Am now reading one called “The Newspaper” on the history, functions, production etc. of newspapers generally.

At last the back of the long Pacific run is broken, disembarking arrangements are in progress, and we should reach Wellington by Thursday next.

Tonight we were entertained by a mock-candidature for the Mayoralty of the City of Kaitoke – quite amusing too.

2 thoughts on “23rd May (1919)”

  1. Not girl guides, but the Indian army’s Corps of Guides, which served on the NW Frontier. Maj.-Gen. Sir George John Younghusband, (9 Jul 1859 – 30 Sept 1944), an officer in the Corps, published the book in 1908.
    George’s younger brother Francis (Colonel Sir Francis Younghusband (1863–1942)) led a famous expedition to Tibet in 1904.


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