DOMINION, Volume 12, Issue 210, 30 May 1919


TO ARRIVE TO-DAY. The Defence Department advise that the transport Pakeha will arrive in Wellington from England, via Panama, at about mid-day to-day, and providing she is granted pratique, will berth at the King’s Wharf. As the vessel is bringing a very large number of soldiers (1373), Captain Prictor is making special arrangements to facilitate the disembarkation arrangements. All men for districts north of Marton (including Auckland) will leave the ship by the forward gangway, as well as those for Wellington city. The men for Wairarapa, Taranaki, Hawke’s Bay, and the South Island will disembark by the after gangway. The southern men will leave by to-night’s ferry steamer. The Mayor (Mr. J. P. Luke) requests that all who can do so should make a point of flying bunting in honour of the returned men.

[Newspaper article, Dominion, 30 May 1919]

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