43rd Day (15 May 1917)

Now allowed to sleep on deck.  The other ships are very ugly-looking customers, being painted black with black funnels (except one which has a hideous light-blue one).  One carries Chinese coolies and another has black labourers aboard.  We still get roasting hot dinners in the middle of the day with soup piping hot and am getting fed up with it.  One would expect to get lime juice in this weather.  Very few birds have been following us of late; some black gulls and an occasional albatross.  One example of the carelessness of the average N.Z. youth is in this cabin; after breaking the glass of his (presentation) watch for the third time he threw the watch over-board; a drastic remedy!  The paper “Tiki Talk” is not to be published until we reach London.

Soldiers sleeping on deck of SS Corinthic (Claude Moore Collection, Presbyterian Archives Research Centre, P-A409-7-45)
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