44th Day (16 May 1917)

Slept on deck on a big coil of rope with a few old bolsters for mattress; sky overcast and heat oppressive.  Have seen numbers of flying fish, mostly about the size of a herring – the young ones go in shoals and the bigger ones singly.  They seldom cover more than (say) 20 yards in the air and do not rise more than a foot or so above the surface.  The gun crew is to fire practice shots tomorrow, so if this record breaks off abruptly you will know that we have all been blown up.  Have just had a shower and am sitting quite naked near porthole yet quite warm.  We have all been issued with big lumps of chocolate in lieu of handing us the odd shilling still owing to us out of canteen profits.  You would gape at the amount some of the chaps spend on sweets, drinks, tinned fruit and so forth.

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