45th day (17 May 1917)

Fired the gun – 3 shots – the bluejacket seemed to be a good shot and actually hit the target (a small cask) at 1000 yards.  The other bluejacket is down with the fashionable illness for this ship – appendicitis.  He is a decent chap and we hope he won’t follow the Maori officer.  The shock of the gun was not so severe on the ears as our own field gun, though much heavier.  We got limejuice and cold meat for dinner today and found it a vast improvement.  At night all is in darkness and it is curious to pick one’s way about the decks strewn with men avoiding collisions by help of glowing cigarettes.

‘Our means of defence – 4.7” naval gun’, on SS Corinthic (Claude Moore Collection, Presbyterian Archives Research Centre, P-A409-6-43)

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  1. I checked the card signed by men on board the “Corinthic”, John, and there was ‘Warwick Wilson’ standing out for me in Dad’s distinctive hand. You are giving me a lot of pleasure and interest. Thank you.



    1. Thanks again Angela for your kind words. The Presbyterian Archives have some interesting photographs and I have spoken to them about use here. I had thought previously about whether I should post many photographs that are not directly owned by the family; on reflection, they do add to the journal, and it gives me something interesting to pursue as this project evolves. It is remarkable too how things can speak to you from the past – although it is impossible to tell, mum wonders about the figure standing in shadow to the right of the gun in today’s image, as it is a pose she remembers Lincoln striking. Her imagination, possibly. Who knows?


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