53rd day (25 May 1917)

Still at anchor; watching the blacks dive for coins.  They are of a splendid deep bronze complexion and well made.  Someone has presented the battery with a monkey mascot which is domiciled on the poop deck – talk of putting him in artillery uniform.  Some of the officers are going ashore today and a small party of N.C.O.s and men are to visit the man-o-war lying in port.  Tummy troubles are getting prevalent, probably attributable to unwonted fruit orgies.  The town was settled by the emancipated slaves from U.S.A. and elsewhere and the population is entirely black.  The wares are all displayed and sold on the streets.  A great jumble of different lingoes spoken.  Everything is extremely dear.  A sort of miniature railway runs many miles inland.  The officers went for a ride in rickshaws, two natives pushing in rear and one pulling in front – no springs – they soon had enough of it.

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