54th day (26 May 1917)

Had a criminal hair-cut with a machine.  My head feels quite bald and I am for the first time able to contemplate the peculiar implantation of my hair.  The crescent (or nascent) “Mo” sprouts out in contrasted luxuriance.  I doubt if you would recognise me.  Just off to breakfast, prospect of which blighted by vision of old enemy, stew, being carried down the passage.  Mild excitement just occasioned by escape of monkey and subsequent capture by one Casey.  The port is now receding in the distance.  Before we left, an English battle-cruiser swung into port to coal.  She was worth looking at.  When we pass a man-o-war or troopship we all stand to attention.  Very amusing aquatic sports this afternoon.  The Maoris were particularly funny.  The monkey created a diversion by getting loose and climbing to the top of the mast, where he stayed for an hour doing gymnastics on the rigging.

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