17th July (1918)

What with nocturnal revellers last night and Fritz starting to shell before dawn, got precious little sleep.  Today has been characterised by aerial episodes.  The first bit of excitement was when Fritz put up a remarkable barrage of H.E. at a high altitude against a homing squadron of our planes, but failed, as far as we could see, to get any.

Soon after that, a distant balloon of his was converted into a tower of black smoke by a cheeky little speck representing one of H.M’s cloud-dwellers.  This afternoon a Hun “sausage” balloon came floating vagrantly over us, but again through hundreds of archibalds made practice with it and machine guns rattled on all sides, it continued to float on till lost to sight.

The storm is now on us with a great gust of wind and a roar of rain, electric lightening being turned on free, gratis and for nothing.  Curious in the intervals between the thunder-fits to hear the guns taking up the tune.

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