Wednesday, 18th September (1918)

6 p.m.  Saw a great deal of shell-fire going on up forward.  Passed a batch of prisoners.  One of the new drivers, quite a boy, came back from the guns gassed and was sent off to hospital; been here one day, and a casualty.  And here am I, a “veteran” of 11 months, unscathed and never had my gas mask on in earnest.

Have just completed a prodigal repast – tinned peaches and condensed milk, procured at hair-raising cost from canteen, the manager having made a two day trip to get them.

Midnight: A nice boy out of the reinforcements helped me to harness.  On the way we could see a heavy bombardment from our side, spattering along the horizon in almost regular rotation, suggestive of one of Bach’s Fugues.

Omitted several important items yesterday.  (1) Wasp stung me on the chest (2) washed 2 pair of sox in water intended for cleaning harness.  (The trumpet sounds!)

Opened the Bible I have had all along, and read Book of Ruth and the Song of Solomon.

nlnzimage 1-2 013603-G German prisoners passing Havrincourt Wood, 16 Sep 1918

[Image: A column of German prisoners of war from the Jaeger Regiment passing Havrincourt Wood in France during World War I. They are escorted by New Zealand soldiers. Photograph taken 16 September 1918 by Henry Armytage Sanders. Alexander Turnbull Library, Wellington. Ref: 1/2-013603-G]

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  1. Thanks Denis. The official photography was somewhat uneven. The NZ Division seemed to have one photographer, who produces clusters of photographs around certain dates. Fortunately I’m able to search the Imperial War Museums records by date, which every so often turns up gold.

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  2. Have entered “prodigal repast” in my notebook for use at appropriate moment on or about 25th December .


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