Friday, 20th September (1918)

A “Rest”.  Regimental stunt – several brand new officers on the scene – muster parade – shaved, washed, boots clean, buttons, teeth and toe-nails polished etc.  Although we have had only half a day of it we are beginning to wish we were in action again.  Perhaps that is the real reason they persecute one with their Tommy rot.

Much amused yesterday to see a bevy of very young Tommy officers fresh from the training school – brand new equipment – smooth, hairless, pink and white countenances – dumped by the wayside and looking so like lost lamps that one expected them to bleat.

I want another N.Z. mail.  I also want the war to finish tomorrow.  No, tonight, before Fritz starts bombing.  I want to go home.  J’ai froid; Je vais m’accoucher.

3 thoughts on “Friday, 20th September (1918)”

  1. A touch of frustration, irritability perhaps. But is that any reason to neglect those toe-nails?
    Tommy officers, of any vintage, can do that to one.


  2. What I’m wondering about is the French. “J’ai froid” = “I’m cold” (knew that one without looking anything up); “Je vais m’accoucher” = “I am going to give birth”. The latter is either a transcription error, or a joke (which I don’t understand), or some kind of colloquial phrase which Google-Translate doesn’t help with!

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