Tuesday 19th (November 1918)

Tomorrow the whole division has to parade for our coming mach to Rhineland – confound Rhineland!

Have been to a friendly tea given by the Y.M.C.A.  We had small plates of strawberries and cream!  The Irish chap (Rowley) whose acquaintance I made at the rest camp near Bus was there and sang a couple of songs – he has a good voice.  Half of the crowd left as soon as they had eaten everything in reach.  There are some “beauties” in the army.  Life is growing monotonous.  Please consider that the show is over and that I am only pulling down the curtains and dusting the seats.  Everything has become deplorably uninteresting to me as this rough record must have become to you.  I continue it only because I know you wish to follow my movements.

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