1st February (1919)

Some striking water-colours in a shop window, by a local man – bold work, with daring use of body colour.  Obtained a ticked for rehearsal of Tuesday’s Concert.  My scheme is – on picquet on Monday, and unable to fix it, try the gallery on Tuesday – if successful on Monday, still try the gallery on Tuesday – Compree?

Purchased a ticket from a stoutish woman, having turned down the meagre old ‘un on account of the exorbitancy of her charges, and saw “Martha” again to great advantage, with the help of the English guide.  I am much taken with this opera – I like the music, and the whole thing seems to go with a verve and a swing that is irresistible.  From my booklet I see that old Flotow wrote many operas, but this and another alone retain popularity.  I hazard the suggestion that, without great genius, he had thoroughly learnt his trade when he wrote “Martha”.

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