Sunday (2nd February 1919)

(Lohengrin): There being nothing for it but to tip the door-keeper, I did so.  The conditions were adverse (standing in a bad place, very high up, and far to one side).  With that huge orchestra, and that number of trained voices, Wagner’s music is quite indescribable.

The part of Lohengrin was taken by an understudy who had a vibrato voice, a thing I don’t like, but Elsa was splendid – a woman (Wanda Ashel) with a glorious figure. (Apropos of the vibrato chap, a wiseacre Tommy turned to me and said “That singin’ is hout er date – its cut art in Blighty” – “That’s what’s called tremolo singin”).  The swan-boat business was well managed, but unfortunately I was so high up that I could see all the stage machinery, which spoilt the effect.

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